Saturday, July 14, 2007


One of my blog friends has pointed out some articles on codependency which I found enlightening.
As I understand it from these articles, codependency is a faulty relationship with yourself. It is searching for self-worth and happiness outside of yourself rather than inside.
That is what I think the Bible means when it says not to worship idols. Idols are that which can't grant happiness and self-worth, but which take the place of what legitimately can - God or Goddess within you.
I think the key to virtue and happiness is knowing that you are worthy because you, in a sense, are God, to merge love and virtue and the highest ideals with your view of yourself. To know that you are Good.
This doesn't mean every human being is perfect, but that we each have the spark in us and the potential to be and do good in the world.
If we see ourselves as worthy, we don't have such a hatred and self-sacrificial view towards others. We have a more balanced view of humanity, because we come from a place of loving concerning ourselves.
This is the page that I have found to be most helpful.
UPDATE: this is the original post which helps me so much. Thanks Glogrl.