Monday, March 7, 2011

Synchronicity : Divinity

Synchronicity : Divinity

If the world is out there, orderless, yet obeys the laws of nature, one of those laws is that the world itself changes as you perceive it.

We can literally make the world more ordered. So it's not a question of the nature of the universe. The universe chamges according to our "subjective" perception. We just need to decide how we want the universe to be, and see it as so.

Divinity is our own personal power working with the laws of nature. If we want an orderly universe where great stories happen, always with a happy ending, we just need to let ourselves flow into it. If we have faith, the reality will come. If we wanted to be guided, we will be. It doesn't matter if a god is of our own Creation - She is real, and just as powerful as if She had existed independently of us. The gods do not exist without us - or maybe they do, but go into dormancy when we don't see them. Maybe they are like us once they have been created. A god is real if it has a discernable effect on us or something else. Did it exist before us? Maybe. Maybe our ancestors created it, but each god with a history has some human influence. Any human who speaks of a spirit or elemental creates one. We need to integrate our own stories to avoid horror stories. But each story has darkness. It is a rich tapestry of good and evil. It can be a story, or a painting filled with brighg colors. I choose life.

"All I refuse and thee I chuse."

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